About Us

Bumi Cemerlang Persada was established in 2009, a manning and crew management company in Indonesia which provides some of the crews or supplies a full of crews for International and domestic vessels. We have experienced in providing and supplying crews and also Industrial Manning for about 5 years.

Bumi Cemerlang Persada makes a business system that is oriented in success of cooperation with its clients. In that business, we have excellent and enthusiastic teams with superior technology, well trained and experienced human resources. We can give the qualified and professional services.

Our Crewing Department is as the supply of crews which ensures quality standard, skills and also the level of crew standard based on STCW 95 requirements.

By having proper certificates, our crews can be interviewed and investigated for details background by our Crewing Division of Management with several test to prove whether they are qualified and have International Standard or not.

Our Crewing Division of Management will check the equipment of all crews certificates such as: COC, BST, ISM CODE, AFF, SCRB, MEFA, TF, OT, etc in Communication Department in order to ensure that the crews have fulfilled the requirements in accordance with the owners requirements, thus can tighten the owners trust to us.

With Bumi Cemerlang Persada, the companies necessity either from international company or domestic company for professional Crew Human Resources can be solved.

Quality and MLC 2006 Policy

  • Bring added value to principles and ship owners by selection and recruitment of competence seafarers and place them in accordance with National and International Standard.
  • Consistently develop employees and seafarers and create a healthy working environment filled with motivation, dedication and team spirit.
  • Complying with ISO 9001, MLC 2006, ISM code and IMO regulations and act in accordance with National and International regulation.
  • Protect and strive for improvement of the health, safety and security of our employees and seafarers at all times.
  • Maintain a program of continuous improvement for personnel selection, placement in connection with seafarers supplied to the potential employer's or to principals and ship owners.

We still secure the commitment and compliance of this policy by continuously training, education and motivating all employees and seafarers in our organization.

This policy should be known and implemented by all employees and seafarers.


Manpower became the most successful companies and to provide the best experience in the recruitment of seaman.


1. Continuously provide products and services of high quality and meet customers' needs through a rigorous selection.

2. Developing competent employees by creating a good working environment to support the achievement of customer satisfaction.

3. Providing Best Service to Customers, Individuals appreciate and Fostering Cooperation, Always Trying to Achieve the Best.